LX Factory, A Hipster Paradise in Lisbon


LX Factory is a small, artsy, hipstery community in what was formerly a clothing manufacturing complex. With all of its industrial materials retained, LX Factory feels like Chelsea Market in NYC with Portuguese flavor. Its juice shops, organic cafes and indie boutiques are reminiscent of Brooklyn and Austin, TX.  One of the best parts is the dogs who roam freely around the grounds.

The website could be improved and the Facebook page is primarily in Portuguese, so much of the area remains undiscovered.


Ler Devagar Bookstore
Ler Devagar Bookstore

Livraria Ler Devagar

Ler Devagar is a beautiful bookstore with a giant printing press looming above the first floor and bookshelves stretching high to the ceiling. There are books in several languages and a cafe. It is a lovely place to browse or have a coffee.

Rio Maravilha


Rio Maravilha is a restaurant/bar that has a great rooftop location and one of the best views in Lisbon. It can be hard to find; the entrance is at the south side of the main LX Factory building and then you have to climb 4 flights of stairs or wait for the elevator. The drinks are pricey, but then again so is Brooklyn now.

Be..! Concept Store

There is a great boutique called Be…!, with a theme that changes every 12 weeks, whose merchandise changes with the theme. The current theme is Be Love! and all of the items for sale are love themed. I bought a dress there I loved  (get it?). The next theme is a surprise and I cannot wait to go back and see what it is.

Restaurants at the Santo Amaro Docks
Restaurants at the Santo Amaro Docks

Santo Amaro Docks

Across the street from LX Factory are the Santo Amaro docks where there are a string of outdoor restaurants with great views of the Rio Tejo, 25 de Abril bridge and Christo Rei. To get to the docks from LX Factory is a 15-20 minute walk – you must use the underpass at the Alcântara-Mar train station to cross the road and train tracks. The docks are a great place to relax and have a drink and watch the many sailors and rowers practicing under the bridge.

My Recommendation

I recommend going to LX Factory mid-afternoon any day of the week, but especially Sunday, if possible, for the market. After shopping and having a drink at Rio Maravilha, walk over to the Santo Amaro docks to enjoy the view. It is easy to catch a taxi or take the train back to downtown Lisbon from there.


Located in Alcântara, next to the 25 de Abril bridge, LX Factory is 4 km (2.5 miles) from downtown Lisbon. A taxi from downtown Lisbon should be between € and an Uber should be around €6. Trolley 15E or Tram 714 will take you to Alcântara – you can catch it at Praça da Figueira, Praça do Comércio or Cais de Sodré. With a Zapping card, the fare is €1.30.

When to Visit

Any day of the week is a great time to visit. There is a farmer’s market/flea market on Sundays from 11:00am-7:00pm. It tends to be crowded only on weekend evenings.

If you are visiting Lisbon for the first time, see my post on essential information.





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    As always, the pictures are so neat, and Portugal seems to be very colorful and beautiful. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your adventures.

    Is the food in Portugal similar to Portuguese cooking here in the States?

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